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Keep your gaming center running while closed!

Keep your community alive and growing with our rebrandable client which brings the gaming center into the players home.

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Build your virtual gaming center

Use your player’s help to make your center one of the biggest of the world. Evolve from a 25 computer center to build a stadium to host the best gaming events.

Your virtual gaming center.

Only players from YOUR center can log into your custom branded client. Players can see who else from their community is currently logged in,what level and division there are currently in, as well as all of their competition and event statistics which are tracked in real time.

Totally free for your gamers.

There are no hourly fees for your gamers to play at the virtual gaming center, but your players can earn you money by participating in events. We track your players stats in:

and more to come. If they win – YOU win.

Event system

Fully automated Head to Head matches and individual challenges for each game. Join communities and compare your results with the rest of the world.

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